3 Common Personal Injury Claim Mistakes To Avoid

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Man wrapping injured wrist A personal injury claim can give you the justice and compensation you deserve after an accident. Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, a slip and fall, or another incident, a successful injury claim is your best opportunity to support your ongoing recovery. Here are three common mistakes that could work against you as you seek a fair resolution.

1. Skipping Medical Treatment 

Medical records form the basis of all strong personal injury cases. They are used to demonstrate that an injury exists and establish the severity of that injury. Medical documentation is also key when it comes to proving causation in a personal injury claim.

Following an accident, one of the most important steps you can take is to visit a qualified medical professional. It is also vital that you attend all of your follow-up appointments. 

Our attorney has strong relationships with local hospitals and doctors. He can help you get the treatment that you need to feel better while protecting your ability to recover compensation.

2. Failing to Document Your Accident

Evidence also plays a large role in personal injury claims. The more information that you can gather to support your case, the more likely it is that you will achieve a successful resolution.

If you can take photographs at the accident scene and get contact information from witnesses, that is great. If you cannot, our attorney may still be able to obtain the evidence that you need.

3. Accepting the First Settlement Offer

It is tempting to take any money that comes your way after an accident. You may be dealing with medical bills, missed work, and other pressures that encourage you to settle things quickly.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will try to take advantage of your difficult position. Initial settlements often fail to cover the full impact of an injury and the ongoing costs associated with it. Pre-settlement funding may be available to help you hold out for the money you deserve.

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