5 Causes of Summer Car Accidents

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Manhattan with Brooklyn Bridge trafficTraffic collisions can happen any time of the year. However, it may surprise you to learn that they are more common during the summer, hitting their peak in the month of August. Here are five factors that contribute to this unfortunate increase in motor vehicle accidents:

  1. Inexperienced drivers: Summertime means summer vacation. When school is out, there are far more teens and young adults on the road. New drivers sometimes lack the maturity, experience, and skill of their older counterparts. This makes them more likely to crash.
  2. Hot weather: We know that winter weather creates hazards like slick roads and low tire pressure. Yet summer weather, while it may seem safer, is not without driving risks. Tires can expand and blow out, engines can overheat, and the sun’s glare can limit visibility.
  3. Sharing the road: Another challenge of summer driving is sharing the road. As the weather heats up, more people choose to travel by foot, bicycle, or motorcycle. Of course, that correlates with a tragic increase in accidents involving pedestrians and those using alternative transportation.
  4. Construction: It’s tough to drive across New York without seeing scaffolding and cones. In the summer, construction crews take advantage of the sunlight and pleasant temperatures to complete their projects. However, job sites on or near roads can create hazards for drivers, such as unexpected lane closures and bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  5. Alcohol: What’s summer without outdoor concerts and baseball games? You’ll find that these seasonal events almost always serve alcohol. And not everyone drinks responsibly. Drunk driving is a significant cause of car accidents during the summer.

Were You Hurt in a Warm Weather Car Accident?

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