Broken, Cracked, and Raised Sidewalk Accidents

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Cracked and raised sidewalkNew York City has a reputation for being incredibly walkable. After all, it is home to over 12,000 miles of sidewalks, which should allow locals and tourists alike to get around easily on foot. Unfortunately, these paths are often left to degrade until they become unsafe for public use. 

Poorly maintained sidewalks create hazardous obstacles that lead unsuspecting pedestrians to trip and fall. Cracked or loose concrete, improper slopes, tree root damage, faulty patchwork, and heaved slabs are examples of sidewalk conditions that frequently result in serious injuries.

Who is Responsible for Maintaining Sidewalks in New York City?

Common sidewalk defects infographicProperty owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks in front of and abutting their property in a reasonably safe condition for public use. It is not enough to remove snow and ice. Sidewalk maintenance also includes ensuring that all necessary repairs are made in a timely manner. 

In almost all cases, the financial responsibility for correcting substantial sidewalk defects also falls to the property owner. For that reason, many property owners chose to ignore hazardous sidewalk conditions. This inaction subjects innocent pedestrians to trip and fall accidents.

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) inspects sidewalks for substantial defects such as cracks, improper slope, and faulty patchwork. If defects are found, DOT issues violations to property owners letting them know that they must perform sidewalk repairs. These open violations are often used as evidence to help prove fault in a slip and fall injury claim or lawsuit.

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