Can You Sue a Bar for Injury?

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If you are injured in a bar, you may be able to sue depending on the circumstances. Bar owners can be sued for premises liability if you were assaulted due to insufficient security or if you were injured due to negligence, such as broken glass on the floor or a spill that was never mopped up.A group of men drinking beers at a bar | NYC premises liability lawyer

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Premises Liability in a Bar

Bars are subject to premises liability laws just like anywhere else. That is to say, they have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe and well maintained for anyone who comes in. There are dangers unique to a bar environment that may lead to significant injury for patrons. These can include:

  • Broken glass from dropped glasses or bottles
  • Slippery floors from spilled drinks
  • Sexual or physical assault arising from drunkenness
  • Alcohol poisoning from drinking too much

If you step on a piece of broken glass immediately after you dropped and broke your drink, then the bar is likely not liable. However, if someone shattered a drink and the pieces were not cleaned up right away, the bar may be held liable for unsafe conditions if you stepped on a piece and seriously injured yourself.

Bars are also responsible for knowing what kind of crowd they draw and planning accordingly. For instance, if they tend to get a rowdy college crowd, it probably makes sense for them to only serve drinks in plastic cups after a certain time in order to prevent too many shattered glasses. If the bar has a history of belligerent patrons starting fights, they should take the initiative to increase security.

In addition, bartenders have a duty to refuse to serve patrons they believe are intoxicated. If a bartender keeps on serving drinks to an obviously drunk and incapacitated patron who then causes injury to him or herself or another patron, the bartender, the bar owner, or both may potentially be held liable.

Do You Have a Premises Liability Case Against a Bar?

You might have grounds for a premises liability case against a bar if:

  • You were significantly injured due to the bar’s negligence
  • You can prove that the bar was negligent in its duty to patrons
  • You did not agree to or start a fight in which you were assaulted
  • You were not trespassing in the bar

If you started a fight or agreed to a fight inside a bar, then the bar cannot be held liable for your injuries. However, if you were assaulted and fought back in self defense, you may have a case, especially if no bouncers or security got there in time to break up the fight and prevent your injury.

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