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personal injuryEvery year, millions of people worldwide suffer from personal injuries, many of which are the result of avoidable incidents. In order to avoid accidents and remain safe, it is important to understand what the most common causes are and how to avoid them. In this blog post, we'll look at what causes these injuries, why they're serious, and how you can stay safe. Some of the threats that might result in an injury may surprise you. Let’s dive into the world of personal injuries and what causes them. 

Workplace Accidents 

Workplace accidents are one of the largest causes of personal injuries. Every year, more than three million individuals are seriously injured on the job, according to the National Safety Council. In addition to routine occupational chores like moving heavy things or running machinery, even seemingly innocent hobbies like sitting in front of a computer can be harmful if correct ergonomics are not followed.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are another significant cause of personal injury, accounting for about 3 million nonfatal injuries and over 36 thousand deaths in the United States alone each year. To lessen your risk while driving or riding in a car, always wear a seatbelt and avoid engaging in activities such as texting while driving.

Slips and Falls 

Slips and falls also account for a significant share of reported injuries. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that roughly 1.7 million Americans are injured each year in their own homes due to slip and fall incidents! To avoid these incidents, inspect your home on a regular basis for potential hazards and install handrails on staircases.


Sports are enjoyable but dangerous. They often lead to injuries for athletes of all levels, especially in high-risk activities like football or skiing. When taking part in any sport, it is important to wear all recommended safety equipment. 

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