Winter Accidents: Tips To Handle Injury Claims During COVID-19

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If you’ve suffered a personal injury caused in part by winter weather conditions, you’re not alone. Car accidents, truck accidents, and slip, trip, and fall accidents all tend to happen more frequently when the ground is icy and visibility is poor.

This year, winter weather-related accidents could coincide with COVID-19 to create a perfect storm, making it more difficult than usual to navigate injury claims. Here are some tips to help your claim go smoothly.

  • Seek medical care. Many people want to avoid going to the emergency room, doctor’s office, or hospital due to concerns about coronavirus exposure. It is important to realize the benefits of seeking medical care after an accident likely outweigh this concern.

    Receiving prompt medical care protects your health and creates an official record of your injuries. Reid B. Wissner has a great relationship with local hospitals and doctors and can help you get the right treatment when it matters most.

  • Use caution when dealing with the insurance company. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, insurance adjusters have found new ways to delay, devalue, or deny policyholders’ claims.

    Insurance companies are facing potential drops in revenue due to the virus and are desperate to protect their bottom line. Don’t put up with unreasonable delays, and don’t accept a lowball settlement.

  • Know when to hire an attorney. It’s in your best interest to contact an attorney after being involved in a serious accident. If you’re demanding compensation beyond a few thousand dollars, are seeking compensation for future damages, or there is a question of fault, you will need an attorney to help you achieve a good result.

Many winter accidents are preventable and caused by negligence, whether it’s a slip and fall resulting from dangerous property conditions or a collision due to reckless driving on an icy road. If you get injured this winter and suspect negligence, contact attorney Reid B. Wissner to seek the compensation you deserve.

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