How to Get the Best Settlement from a Slip and Fall Accident

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slip and fall settlements in New YorkMost slip and fall cases are resolved through settlements. A settlement generally involves one party, say a property owner or insurance company, paying the other party to compensate them for their injuries and damages. However, not all settlements are created equal, and some are unreasonably low.

Never accept a settlement that won’t cover your losses. You will forfeit your ability to reopen the dispute and put your financial future at risk. Instead, follow these suggestions to strengthen your case and get the money you deserve:

  • Document the hazardous condition: It shouldn’t be too difficult to prove that a dangerous property condition existed at the time of your fall. Take pictures, get contact information from any witnesses, and request a copy of the incident report, if one was filed. If you had to leave the scene immediately to receive medical attention, our lawyer will look for evidence on your behalf.
  • Document your injury: Keeping copies of any medical records related to your injury is a good place to start. You can take things a step further by recording all of the ways that your injury has impacted your life in a journal. For example, you could write about the anxiety that you have experienced since the accident or the way that it has altered your enjoyment of life.
  • Document your expenses: Maintain a working list of all the expenses you have incurred that are reasonably related to your injuries. These expenses could include time away from work, mental health treatment, travel costs to medical appointments, and hiring household services for work you used to complete yourself. It is difficult to receive compensation for undocumented expenses.
  • Hire competent legal representation: Work with a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall claims like Reid B. Wissner. He has recovered six and seven-figure settlements on behalf of clients who suffered injuries from falls on broken, raised, and icy sidewalks.

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