What Happens if I Was Hit by a Motor Vehicle While in a Pedestrian Crosswalk?

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High heels, purse and the phone on the street after the accidentMany car accidents and personal injury situations can qualify for legal representation in the courtroom. Individuals who are victims of motor vehicle accidents while in a vehicle themselves or using a pedestrian crosswalk as designed may find that they have legal action they can take regarding negligence by the driver of the motor vehicle in question. At the Law Offices of Reid B. Wissner, New York, NY area, residents can seek legal action with the help of our experienced legal professionals.

What Should I Do if I Was Hit by a Motor Vehicle While Using a Pedestrian Crosswalk?

If you have been hit by a motor vehicle while using a pedestrian crosswalk, the most important thing to do is seek medical attention immediately. If possible, make a note of any information about the driver and vehicle, as well as any witnesses who can provide testimony or corroborate your story.

After receiving proper medical treatment, you need to contact an attorney with experience handling cases involving auto-pedestrian accidents in order to discuss your legal options. If you reside in the area of New York, NY, we encourage you to call the Law Offices of Reid B. Wissner to discuss your case. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you might be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries and losses. Our knowledgeable attorney can review all applicable laws and guide you through the process of seeking justice from those responsible for causing harm.

Obtaining Documentation

To successfully file and win a claim for personal injury or negligence, documentation is critical.

After the accident, you should take pictures of the scene, try to collect witness statements and contact information from bystanders, and ask for copies of all police reports. You can also obtain copies of any medical reports or bills related to your injuries. Keeping detailed records is an important part of proving your case in court.

Should I Connect With a Personal Injury Lawyer Following My Accident?

It is essential that you seek immediate legal help if you were hit by a motor vehicle while using a pedestrian crosswalk. An experienced attorney such as Reid B. Wissner will provide you with invaluable assistance in navigating through the complicated legal process and pursuing justice for your losses and suffering. He fully understands the law and has over three decades of experience in the field, ensuring successful results in the courtroom.

You Deserve Justice!

Contact the Law Offices of Reid B. Wissner today for a consultation by calling 212-406-9288. We are here to support you and assist you in navigating the court systems to get the compensation you deserve following your injury.

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