What is Considered Distracted Driving?

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Texting and drinking coffee while driving Distracted driving is defined as any activity that diverts attention away from the task of driving. It has overwhelmed our roadways and brought with it some serious consequences. Thousands of people die each year in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers, and more are hurt. In these cases, distracted driving can be used as evidence of negligence to get compensation.

Types of Distracted Driving 

There are three main types of distractions:

  • Manual distractions involve taking a hand off the steering wheel.
  • Visual distractions involve looking at something other than the road.
  • Cognitive distractions involve thinking about something other than driving.

Texting is considered to be the most dangerous type of distracted driving. It combines manual, visual, and cognitive distraction. Other distractions include adjusting the radio, applying makeup, eating and drinking, setting the navigation, and talking. These can also be incredibly dangerous.

Distracted Driving Laws in New York 

Most states have enacted laws to discourage and punish distracted driving. In New York, it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone or portable electronic device while driving. Our state has even installed special “Texting Zones” along the thruway and state highways to curb distracted driving. These zones give drivers a safe place to pull off and respond to important messages.

Failure to comply with the current laws can result in consequences like traffic tickets and fines. However, many distracted driving behaviors are perfectly legal, despite their dangers. Drivers must take responsibility to avoid potential distractions and make the roads safe for everyone.

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