When Do You Have a Negligent Security Case in NYC?

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Negligent security is a type of premises liability case that is unfortunately all too common here in New York. You may have a negligent security case if you were injured from an assault that occurred due to insufficient security measures, such as if you were attacked in a dark hallway where the landlord of the building never bothered to replace the lights.Dimly lit parking garage with lights that landlord hasn't bothered to replace, creating dangerous conditions

Although the criminal who attacked you may end up going to jail, that doesn’t help you with your medical bills or therapy bills from the mental trauma you endured. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you.

If you were injured because of an assault that could have been prevented if better security measures were taken, call NYC personal injury lawyer Reid B. Wissner today at 212-406-9288 for your free consultation.

Common Types of Negligent Security Cases

In order to be considered a negligent security case, you must prove negligence on the part of the property owner. Common negligent security scenarios include:

  • Insufficient security at a location where violence should be anticipated, such as a rowdy bar with a history of patrons getting into fights
  • Insufficient lighting or security in an apartment, garage, or other location in an area known to be unsafe at night
  • Locks that don’t work properly
  • Locks that weren’t changed after the previous residents left or after the current resident requested a change

Negligent security can happen at an apartment building, in a parking lot or garage, or at any commercial property. You could also potentially have a case if you were assaulted in your gated community due to a lapse of security.

Liability in a Negligent Security Case

While criminal charges may be pursued against your attacker, civil charges may be pressed against the property owner who allowed the attack to happen due to insufficient security measures. Liability in a negligent security case can sometimes be spread across multiple parties, so it’s best to let an experienced personal injury lawyer handle your civil case.

It’s important to understand that the criminal case and the civil case against your attacker and the neglectful property owner are entirely separate, and require different types of attorneys. Watching your attacker go to jail may provide closure and relief, but it will not pay your medical bills accrued from the attack.

In a negligent security case, you may receive damages including:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription medications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

Medical bills can add up quickly, and you don’t want to deal with medical debt while trying to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of being attacked. Reid B. Wissner will help you to receive the maximum compensation possible, so you can focus on your recovery instead of your bills.

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