Who Is Liable if I Fall on Broken Sidewalks?

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old senior man falls down and breaks his leg bone or knee jointIf you recently slipped, tripped, or fell on a sidewalk that was broken and has had extensive injuries or medical bills from the occurrence, you might have the opportunity to file a lawsuit for your personal injuries or damages. At the Law Offices of Reid B. Wissner and his team, you can have an experienced attorney who can represent you and help you file and pursue your case. But who exactly is liable when you fall on a broken sidewalk?

Who to Sue in the Event of an Injury From a Broken Sidewalk

Crumbled, shifted, or uneven sidewalks can cause many falls and injuries each year. The city is typically responsible for maintaining sidewalks and ensuring they are safe to use. However, many individuals are intimidated by suing the city and government for their injuries. Government and federal agencies often have shorter filing requirements than individuals and local businesses, which is where the assistance of a lawyer can assist. In some cases, a slip and fall on a sidewalk outside of a store can qualify an individual to sue the store owners, or falling on an individual’s personal property, such as outside of an individual's house, will allow for a lawsuit against the homeowner. Knowing who to sue when you experience an injury on a sidewalk is critical to ensuring a solid case that is not dismissed by the county due to improper filing and liability.

Have You Suffered Injuries From a Broken Sidewalk?

If you have sustained injuries and other concerns from a slip and fall on a sidewalk, it may be time to connect with a personal injury attorney in the area of New York, NY, who can represent you and ensure you get proper compensation. At the Law Offices of Reid B. Wissner, you can rest easy knowing you have the right attorney on your side. He is highly experienced in personal injury cases and has a great personal relationship with county judges and attorneys in the county that sets him apart from his competition. Call 212-406-9288 to request a consultation visit with our team to find out if you have a strong and valid case for your injuries from a broken sidewalk.

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