Verdicts and Settlements

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Mata V. 167 8th Avenue, LLC (2015)
Unwitnessed fall on broken sidewalk – Knee Injury

Defendant was held 100% responsible for plaintiff’s knee injury despite (or mainly because) defense counsel suggested that plaintiff fell at a different location; and that plaintiff should have seen the broken sidewalk. We tenaciously fought for and succeeded in recovery for plaintiff, even though one of the defendants insurance companies filed for bankruptcy in Delaware and appealed the verdict.


Vidal v. 452 Wyckoff Corp, et al (2016)
Unwitnessed fall on icy sidewalk near a supermarket - Fractured Wrist

We sued a supermarket and the owner of the property where the supermarket was located.  When the property owner served an untimely answer (served several days late) we rejected it.  The property owner asked the Supreme Court for permission to serve the late answer and permission was granted.  We disagreed with the Court’s ruling and appealed.  The Appellate Division agreed with us and reversed the Supreme Court.  Since the defendant was unable to defend the case they had no alternative but to settle, without any discovery, depositions or physical examination of plaintiff.  


Flores V. Dmochowski, et al (2017) 
Pedestrian struck by car – Neck Injury

Our client was crossing a roadway in the middle of the block when he was struck by defendant’s vehicle.  

After extensive negotiations just prior to trial GEICO increased their initial offer of $25,000 to $125,00, then to $225,000 and finally to the full policy limit of $300,000.


Benagas V. Cypress Corner Condominiums, et al (2015)
Fall on raised sidewalk - Reinjury to Prior Knee Injury.

We recovered $270,000 for our client who tripped on a raised, uneven sidewalk in front of a condominium apartment complex.  The injury to her knee was an aggravation of a prior knee injury sustained in a previous motor vehicle accident.


Ford v. 2211 Third Avenue Mazal LLC, et al (2016)
Fall on broken sidewalk – Shoulder Injury

We recovered $245,000 for our client who fell after stepping in a hole on a broken sidewalk – Injury to her shoulder.